Are you ready to journey through the pages of Luma’s captivating new book ‘FROM HERE’? After reading the book, come to test your knowledge and see how well you know her powerful story of resilience, family, and finding your own path!

Here is a true or false quiz:
1. The narrator started a soccer team called the Fugees. (True)
2. The Fugees organization serves refugee families in the community. (True)
3. The narrator’s first school for children of war and humanitarian crises was far from the parking lot. (False)
4. The narrator and the pretty sophomore with curly hair got engaged and married. (True)
5. The narrator’s wedding ceremony was held in Palm Springs. (True)

6. The narrator left the law firm after a custody case involving an undocumented mother and a white supremacist father. (True)
7. The narrator found an anchor in their family after years of not speaking to them. (False)
8. The narrator opened a café using their experience from working at the Mountaineer and the Cheesecake Factory. (True)
9. The café was designed with careful attention to detail, including paintings by local artists and light fixtures resembling clouds. (True)
10. The narrator’s family surprised them with a visit to Virginia for Rasha’s graduation. (True)
11. The narrator and their mother reconciled and began planning regular visits. (True)
12. The narrator was excited to spend time with their sister Inam during the visit. (True)
13. Inam learned about the narrator’s homosexuality through books. (False)
14. The narrator had previously watched the TV show “Will and Grace” in Jordan. (False)
15. The narrator confronted their father about lying to Inam about their sexuality. (True)
16. The confrontation with the father resulted in a resolution and improved family dynamics. (False)
17. The narrator remained determined to work towards a better relationship with their family. (True)
18. The excerpt ends with the narrator deciding to leave the room and drive away. (True)

Quiz Questions:

Who was the first person to call Luma on the morning of September 11?
a) Her grandmother
b) Her cousin Misty
c) Taytay
d) Her mother
Answer: c) Taytay

Why did Taytay say that the terrorists were not Muslims?
a) Muslims don’t kill innocent people
b) Muslims only target military installations
c) The Quran forbids violence
d) The terrorists were not religious
Answer: a) Muslims don’t kill innocent people

How did Luma feel about being able to pass as white after the September 11 attacks?
a) Relieved and embarrassed
b) Proud and empowered
c) Indifferent and unaffected
d) Confused and frustrated
Answer: a) Relieved and embarrassed

Why did Luma stop carrying the Quran after the September 11 attacks?
a) She lost her faith in Islam
b) She wanted to distance herself from her Arab identity
c) She was afraid of being targeted
d) She started attending a Christian church
Answer: c) She was afraid of being targeted

What did Luma hope would happen in the aftermath of the attacks?
a) Reformation within the Muslim faith
b) Improved relations between the Middle East and the US
c) Stronger action against Saudi Arabia
d) All of the above
Answer: d) All of the above

How did Luma feel when the United States invaded Afghanistan?
a) Sick and sad
b) Excited and hopeful
c) Indifferent and detached
d) Relieved and satisfied
Answer: a) Sick and sad

What kind of song did Luma hear on the radio during that time?
a) Country song expressing survivor guilt
b) Pop song about unity and peace
c) Patriotic song celebrating American military action
d) Anti-war protest song
Answer: c) Patriotic song celebrating American military action

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